Sunday, May 5, 2013

Showering With a New Friend

This is the second story of series. 
The first story is Showering Naked in Public.

Earlier in the week Angie made the acquaintance of a gorgeous red-haired bicycling commuter. She was astounded to find him showering naked, in the city parking garage, after his ride.  She told her friend and co-worker, Lisa, the story simply because she couldn't get through the day without telling someone. Lisa was totally apathetic and indifferent to the incident.

Angie, on the other hand, was so intrigued that she couldn't put the scene out of her mind. At the end of the day, the man’s bicycle was gone before she arrived at her bus stop. She wondered if she had imagined the whole experience.

The next morning, when Angie got off of the bus, the blue Trek bicycle was locked in the bike rack where she had seen the man leave it on the morning before. In anticipation, her step quickened until she arrived at the city parking garage.

The wavy red hair showed above the shrubbery that separated the sidewalk and the public shower in the parking garage. Angie had intended to confirm the man’s presence, so that she knew that she wasn't crazy. Instead, she found that she was drawn to the man in the shower just as she was yesterday.

Angie followed the stepping stone path to the same park bench where she sat on the day before and seated herself again. The bicyclist was showering naked just as he had the day before while she watched. He saw her and smiled.

“You came back.” The man’s even tone did not give up any emotion one way or the other as to his reaction of her presence.

Angie couldn't speak. She only smiled back and nodded. As with the day before, Angie watched as the man finished his shower, toweled off and dressed in business attire. When he departed, once again, he bid her to have a good day.

Angie’s friend Lisa responded sarcastically when she told her of her first experience with the red-haired bicyclist yesterday. Therefore, she kept today’s event to herself. About the next thing, would be for Lisa to label her a voyeur.

The next day was Friday and Angie was going to walk past the shower, in the parking garage, with no more than a quick look to see if her man was there. Why was she thinking of him as “her man” Angie wondered to herself? Maybe it was that she was drawn back the shower again, even though she intended to pass by without stopping.

The meeting was much like the previous two days with one exception. Red-hair had his back to Angie when he dropped his bar of soap. He bent over to pick it up, exposing the backside of his scrotum, without the slightest indication of inhibition. Angie eyes widened a little. She had never viewed male anatomy from that angle before.

At work, Angie kept the experience to herself as she had done on the day before. However, possibilities began to conjure in her mind of different interactions with the naked red-haired man in the coming week. There was definitely an attraction.

The man was mounting his bicycle as Angie arrived at the bus stop that afternoon. He saw her, smiled and wished her a pleasant weekend. She reciprocated.

On Saturday, Angie borrowed her sister’s car and clocked off the miles from her apartment to where she got off of the bus for work. She clocked sixteen miles with the car. However, the trip was going to be a little bit longer for the bicycle trail that she would travel along the river but couldn't travel with the car.

When she returned the car, Angie invited Beth, her sister, to go bicycling with her on Sunday morning. Both she and her sister were fit enough to make the ride from her apartment to downtown but Angie wanted an idea of the time required for the ride. Lacking weekday traffic it should go a little faster but she would still have a good idea.

Angie rose much earlier than usual on Monday morning. She had a set of panniers for her bicycle. In them, she packed toiletries, clothing for the office, bottled water, couple of energy bars for snacks and fresh bicycling clothing for the return trip. She added fifteen minutes to the travel time of her ride with Beth on Sunday.

When Angie arrived at the bike rack near the bus stop Red Hair’s bicycle was there already. For a moment, she considered going on to the office and washing up in the restroom. Instead, she took a breath and hurried to the shower in the parking garage. She decided that she hadn't gone to this much trouble only to get cold feet now.

Red Hair was just peeling off his spandex tights when Angie opened another locker, took off her helmet and shook loose her blond curly locks. For the first time since they met last week, Red Hair showed more than neutral emotion. He looked delighted when he recognized Angie.

“Good morning!”

Angie returned the greeting and Red Hair turned and walked to the shower while she quickly undressed and followed. Most of the inhibitions that she was feeling dissolved with his acknowledgement of her. Red Hair glanced over and smiled in order to allow himself a quick look at Angie’s shapely form as she walked to the shower.

There were six shower heads mounted in a circle from a single stanchion. Angie took a shower with one space between Red Hair and her. As bold as she was feeling, she still didn't know exactly what to expect and she wanted a balance between easy grab reach and appearing aloof.

When Angie stepped into shower Red Hair initiated a conversation. His name was Ian. Angie introduced herself. Both were bicycling enthusiasts, though, Angie had never thought of riding to work until last week when she met Ian.

“What kind of bike do you have?” The conversation gave Ian a chance to look Angie over without leering.

 “I have a Trek FX. I enjoy riding but I don’t have the means for a bike like yours.”

“It just depends on what kind of riding that you do and what you can afford. There nothing wrong with an FX. It’s a great bike.”

Ian didn't miss any details of Angie’s attributes. Her fit body displayed the tone of somebody who took care of herself. Angie’s perky breasts had solid form and minimal fat. He was impressed with her blond hair on both ends. He never understood why women with a head of pretty blond hair would dye the roots and their pubic hair brown.

Ian also didn't miss the little gold ring with a captive bead that was set with a sapphire-colored stone. That little ring was hard not to stare at. It intrigued him that she could ride a bicycle with such of a piercing without discomfort.

The two bicyclists finished their showers, dressed and headed off to work. Each of them had a little extra energy in their steps as they walked to their respective offices. Angie wondered where this might go but had to know much more about Ian before dropping her guard.

Angie invited Lisa, her good friend and coworker, to lunch that day and told her of the shared shower incident with Ian. Lisa had been unmoved by the incident of Ian in the shower last week but, this time, she was flabbergasted!

“Are you serious, Angie? I can’t believe that you just stripped down and let him leer at you while sharing the shower. What were you thinking?”

“Well, Lisa, I was thinking that I needed to bathe because I just covered 16 miles with my bicycle and I didn't want to do my laundry at the same time that I was taking a shower.”

The third story of this series is 
Beyond Sharing the Shower