Friday, May 31, 2013

Things... They Are a Changin'

My blog, Some Things Funny... Some Things Not, is still going strong. Much thanks to my loyal readers!

Search Warp, a site that I've been privileged to write for in the last nine months, has closed the cyber door to future submissions. It's not all doom, however. Bruce Horst, the great guy who founded Search Warp, will have the site up and running in a read only medium very soon.

As it is said, "when one door closes, another opens." In my case, I have received a twofer. Bruce has opened another writer's site called Soul of Wit. That name, alone, is likely peeking your curiosity. It is all of the same group of awesome writers but on a more manageable platform. The result is fairly invisible to readers except that Soul of Wit has a much more modern and aesthetic presentation. 

For the second half of my twofer, I was very recently invited to write for another site called Muffled Voices from Schools Underground. This site has some work to bring it up to full operation but it should come together by end of summer or early fall, according to Dave Potchak, the founder.

Dave has read some of my stuff and, thus, formed a naive opinion that I have enough understanding of education and learning to write for his education site. I chuckle to the thought that my 7th grade English teacher's face would redden and her jaw would tighten enough to pop her gold fillings, at the mere suggestion. I'm going to do my very best not to fail Dave's confidence. 

Articles and stories from all of these sources can subscribed to, as some of my loyal readers have done already. In addition. upon completion of each one, I will tag a link to FaceBook so that you can readily find it there if that is most comfortable for you.

One more thing, that I almost forgot. I've decided on a title for my novel. It will be called More Than Rubber to the Road. My goal is threefold with this book. First, it has to be a story that reader simply does not want to put down. Second, the readers should finish with a much more than naive or biased concept of the lives of hard working American truck drivers. Last, readers will be asking for a sequel.

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