Monday, April 29, 2013

Showering Naked in Public

Angie got off of the bus at her usual stop and was walking the rest of the short distance to her office when something seemed odd. There was a bicyclist securing his bicycle to the bike rack. That didn't seem odd but there was, nonetheless, something that was causing a very strange feeling in her.

She walked by as the bicyclist finished locking up his bicycle. He was a good looking man about her age with fair skin and red hair showing around the edges of his helmet. The spandex bicycling clothes accented his fit body.

Angie felt physically attracted to this man but it had to do with more than his handsome appearance. Whatever it was, he was still eye candy. Her eyes, as well as her steps, followed him as he picked up his bag and hurried ahead of her.

The bicyclist went a short distance up the sidewalk and turned off of the sidewalk toward the parking garage. It was there that Angie saw what was different. She had walked this length of sidewalk everyday for years and had never before noticed that there was a shower set back off of the sidewalk and slightly into the city-owned parking garage.

The shower was designed like a beach shower with six shower heads in a circle that faced outward from the center post to which they were mounted. There were no walls with exception of a partial wall that separated the shower area from the parking garage. Along the partial wall were some coin-operated lockers and a bench that ran the length of the lockers.

Completely forgetting about going to work, Angie’s curiosity led her toward the shower area in continued pursuit of the man. There was a park bench just outside of the shower area but facing toward the shower. Angie stopped in front of the park bench as the bicyclist opened a locker and deposited his bag.

The next thing to happen would have seemed obvious in a less public context. Whether it was from the shock of seeing this man strip in her full view or her carnal desire to watch, Angie didn't know. Either way, her knees bent to place her sitting on the park bench with her eyes shamelessly locked on the show. The man peeled off his last article of his sweat-soaked clothing revealing that he did not have skivvies under the spandex pants.

Angie recalled an experience when she had picked up her brother at the airport upon his return from Marine Corp boot camp. A voluptuous woman in her early twenties was walking toward them and Bobbie’s eyes were locked on the girl like radar on a hard target. The pretty young woman was dressed such that there was no way that she could bend, stoop or sit without giving up some secrets. If she had sneezed, she would have spilled her minimally fettered melons.

Angie had been embarrassed by her brother’s leering and chided him for it in a low voice. Lacking any of her discretion he had spoke his opinion loudly and boldly.

“If she’s proud enough to show it, then I’m proud enough to look at it!”

The young woman had heard Bobbie’s indiscretion and was openly embarrassed. She had glanced at Bobbie and then quickened her step away from him. Angie had been furious with him.

Today, however, as she looked at this handsome naked man, showering in the parking garage, she had empathy for Bobbie’s attitude on that day in the airport. The man did not seem to avoid looking her way but, at the same time, he didn't make eye contact with her as he bathed. It was as if the park bench was empty.

The man’s body was taut and fit but it was not body builder muscular. With his back to her, Angie admired full and solid gluts below a strong back. The man turned to face in Angie’s direction.

The chest and shoulders were not especially broad but they were lean and strong looking. There was distinct shape to his pectorals, deltoids, biceps and triceps. Unblemished white skin stretched deliciously over these fit forms.

Angie’s eyes followed the man’s red down-covered chest and tight stomach to the thicker red bush below. From within the soap and water saturated hair poked the cool-air-shrunken version of what made this man a man. Her imagination wandered to unmentionable regions as this length of flesh danced and flipped from side to side with the man’s bathing of himself.

Angie felt her mouth turning into a pleased smile as the man looked her way again. This time he made eye contact, nodded and smiled at her. Her budding smile blossomed with her pleasure of his acknowledgement. He never looked back again, as he bathed, but that had been enough to embolden her. She wanted to leave her phone number with him. At least, if he called, she would know that this had not been a dream.

Trying not to be obvious, Angie dug into her purse for her business card wallet. No, she thought, that wouldn't be a good idea. Giving out her cell phone number was one thing but if this guy was turned out to be a pervert and a stalker then she didn't need him knowing where she worked. The man was toweling off now.

As she dug around in her purse again, all notions of discretion left her. She just had to give this gorgeous naked man her phone number. Then she amused herself with a thought. It wasn't that big of a rush. She should, at least, wait until he had on a pocket in which to put her phone number before she handed it to him.

Angie found an old cash receipt in the bottom of her purse as the man dressed. She wrote her first name and cell phone number on it. The man was dressed now in business attire minus a necktie and jacket. Angie froze with ambivalence as he took his bag, closed the locker and turned in her direction.

Was she throwing herself at the guy? Would he think that she was going to be an easy lay? Maybe this was how he picked up women. She was torn between desire and defense.

As he walked past Angie’s park bench, the man made deliberate eye contact with her, smiled big and told her to have a great day. She brightened from her confusion and returned his smile with equal enthusiasm.

“And the same to you,” she replied without allowing her eyes to follow him as he passed. She was regaining her sense of reality and she didn't get up from the park bench immediately. If he turned to look at her again she was going to appear occupied. She didn't want to appear needy or na├»ve.

With the man’s second acknowledgement of her, when he left, Angie took it to mean that the game was on and she was offered first serve. She was definitely interested but she wasn't going to throw away all sense of caution. As she was feigning preoccupation, Angie checked for her revolver in the hidden pocket of her purse.

Satisfied that the man had enough time to be well on his way, Angie left and headed for work. She casually scanned the surroundings for signs that the man might actually be a stalker.

About mid-morning Angie confirmed with Lisa, her best friend at work, that she could go out for lunch and it would just be the two of them. By the time that lunch came around, Angie was ready to bust if she didn't tell somebody what had happened to her that morning, whether it was believable or not. Lisa was very primed for the fact that Angie had emphasized that they go to lunch alone.

Angie went through the whole story about the gorgeous guy on the bicycle but left out the part about the shower. Lisa was naturally curious so she probed for more information. She could tell that Angie was holding back something.

The nice thing about Lisa was that only half of the office would know what Angie had told her before the end of the day. With anybody else in the office, she might as well just make an announcement on the building public address system. On their walk back to the office, Angie routed them past the shower at the parking garage.

For curiosity and a reality check she had to see the shower. It was there, and so much for reality. For the curiosity, she pointed to the shower and asked Lisa if she was aware the shower was there.

“Oh yes! It’s been there for several months or more. The city put it there to encourage alternative commuting and fitness.”

“The bicyclist that I told you about went in there and showered naked.”

“Yeah! So?” Lisa looked confused.

“Lisa, he stripped down and showered naked right there in public! Doesn't that seem, at least, a little odd to you?”

“So… what did you expect him to do Angie, shower with his clothes on so that he could do laundry at the time?”

This is the first story of a series. The second story can be found here.

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