Friday, April 12, 2013

Then She Said, "No."

They were both seventeen. They had been dating for several months. At first, there were boundaries. Gradually, the boundaries gave way to curiosity and good feelings of being touched in certain places and in certain ways.

With practice of the intimate touching, the want of mutual excitement and pleasure sometimes became irresistible for both of them. Whenever they could find some private time, buttons, hooks, clasps, snaps, buckles and zippers were no barrier to the new found skills of each partner’s fingers and hands. One boundary, however, remained intact.

As enjoyable as the kissing, petting and hand-manipulated climaxes were, she was determined that one line would not be crossed. He, too, enjoyed the pleasures that they shared but his hormonal urges drove him on. He was patient with her while he pressed for the ultimate prize.

They loved each other, didn’t they? They would be married someday, wouldn’t they? What difference could it matter, when they accepted each other fully, as long as they were in love and committed to each other for life?

He finally wore her down. She agreed to go all the way for the boy that she loved. It was much like all of the other intimate times except that the clothing fell away a little faster this time. They giggled, frolicked and petted in their youthful infatuation for each other as they always did.

He promised not to hurry her. He said that he would be gentle. When she was ready she turned onto her back, opened herself to him and pulled him to her.

As he poised above her, about to part her hymen, she saw the look in his eyes change. His eyes no longer showed the love that she was certain was there and that she had seen so many times before. The look in his eyes was more of one about to conquer another.

Then she said, “No.”

Seeing his look change to deep disappointment, she expressed her regret and empathy. Clearly, if she was going deny him then the timing was the absolute worst. He turned onto his back beside her and quietly stared at the ceiling.

Like a scolded puppy’s tail, his erection settled between his legs. Cautiously, she snuggled next to him and continued to express her regret. She didn’t mention the look in his eyes that had changed her mind at the last moment. She fabricated other reasons for stopping him that had to do with family and values.

He continued to listen patiently until she had nothing more to say. Satisfied that she had spoken her mind he pulled closer and kissed her forehead.

“It’s okay.”

That was all that he said. They lay in the each other’s embrace for a time and then she began to pinch one of his nipples while her tongue flicked the other.

The reaction was immediate. She leaned to look into his eyes. They both smiled.

“I don’t want you to go home with blue balls. May I take care of that for you?”

He smiled again and nodded before kissing her passionately. His body was soon convulsing with pleasure. They quietly lay together a little longer before getting dressed. Then he took her home.

They continued to date but, with the dawn of their adult lives after high school graduation, they went in different directions. Eventually they lost touch with each other as they had made separate lives. From time-to-time a thought of the other would pass through each of their minds.

The thoughts are of memories cherished of times long passed. There are no strings and there are no regrets. It was simply very special.

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