Saturday, July 27, 2013

It Finally Happened

Angie and Ian met at the convenience store, in the morning, as usual. With an exchange of greetings, they were off to the downtown area. The two hadn't talked much, during their rides into work together. However, after the incident yesterday afternoon Ian felt as if he needed to say something to Angie. He just didn't know what that it should be. He certainly didn't want to complicate things more that they already might seem.

Angie, on the other hand, had decided on a very specific action in response to the incident yesterday. The two arrived downtown and secured their bikes. Their shower routine went as usual until they were dressed and about to leave. Angie stepped up to Ian and put her arms around his neck just as she did yesterday. Today, however, her eyes showed desire.

”Do you really like to hold pretty girls close to you?”

“Yes, but I’m particular about which girls that I do that to.”

He put his arms around her and pulled her to him. He looked into her pretty eyes for only moment before kissing her hard and long. Angie was taken. It was as if the water had been rising slowly toward the crest over the past weeks and, now, an upstream deluge was pushing it over the dam. Reluctantly, they separated after a long moment. They still held each as Angie was first to speak.

“I may like to do a little more than watch you play volleyball on Saturday.”

“I can think of some possibilities.” Ian smiled.

Angie picked up her things and started toward the street. She turned to speak to Ian again and was surprised to see him still standing by the lockers.

“Aren't you going to work today?”

“Not for few minutes.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Nothing that won’t be okay in a few minutes. You go ahead.”

Angie was about to press him for what was wrong when she saw the bulge in his slacks. She burst out in laughter.

“I can’t believe it. That soldier has been standing by at ease for three weeks of sharing the shower with me and now… Now a sensuous kiss brings it to rigid attention and ready to into a full engagement.”

Ian could say nothing. A little embarrassed, he only gave her a smile. Then, as if a switch had closed in her brain, Angie’s entire face lit up. There was mischief in her eyes as she guided Ian to the end of the bench in front of the lockers.

“Come over here.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to do something that I like to do but that I won’t do to just any guy.”

Without hesitation, Angie unbuckled Ian’s belt, unfastened his pants and, before he could protest, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and dropped it all. She held his pants just below his crotch and instructed him to sit. The bench was cool to his bare butt but the soldier stood tall.

She knelt in from of him. It didn't take long. Angie looked up at Ian beaming with the mischievous spontaneity of her action. He smiled back.

“Feel better?”

“Of course,” he said softly, “but hold still for a moment. We can’t have you looking like Monica Lewinsky before she stood up and dribbled on her dress.”

He reached for his bag, pulled a clean pair of socks from it and used one to wipe off her chin. He used the other clean himself before putting his clothing back in order. Angie was still grinning like a naughty school girl.

“You owe me now, Buddy. You can start with buying me lunch today.”

“Then can I pay you off on Saturday?”

“I don’t know if you can pay me off but you can start the installments.”

Grinning back to her, Ian put his arm around her and nudged her toward the street.

“We need to get to work. O’Malley’s at about 11:30?”

“How about Spaghetti Works?”

“Done! 11:30?”

“Yep! See you then.

This the fourth story of a series. 
The first story is Showering Naked in Public
The second story is Showering with a New Friend
The third story is Beyond Sharing the Shower

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