Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nut Cups

What comes to mind when you hear nut cup? There are nut cups for sports, baking, weddings, and baby showers. There are nut cups for a myriad of things.

Some nut cups are paper. Some are plastic. Some nut cups are a baked crust that is filled with nuts or candies. Some are not cups at all but, instead, they’re cakes or pastries with nuts baked in.

Nut cups are filled with mixed nuts and candies for parties. They’re called party nuts. Some people are party nuts but they don’t fit into party nut cups.

The first athletic supporters were for bicycle messengers so that they could double-bag their nuts but they didn’t cup them. A hard fall on the cross bar might have bicyclist wishing that he had cupped his nuts. It’s not a coincidence that BIKE is a brand name for athletic supporters.

Many other athletes cup their nuts. Baseball players wear nut cups for protection from a ball in the balls. Hockey players don’t want to get nut-pucked. Football players don’t want a knee, elbow, cleats or a helmet breaking their jewels. A soccer goalie without a nut cup might have his balls socked. If I guy gets kicked in the nuts, you could say that he was footballed.

Nut cups are designed differently for where it is most comfortable for a guy to have his penis in the cup with his nuts. Some guys like to hang-over and others like to lay-up. Some guys can’t wear any nut cup comfortably. They’re more vulnerable to ball busters.

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