Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Nice Father’s Day

Our son and daughter-in-law hosted the afternoon for her parents, her brother and us. Jen cooked up some beer butt chickens, with sides of baked potato and vegetable combinations. Dessert was a choice between apple pie and sweet potato pie made by my wife.

When we arrived the grandchildren were enjoying the swimming pool as is usual at most family gatherings. Most of the adults chatted at the table near the pool while the kids played and Jen prepared supper. The call of “everybody out of the pool” came just before supper was ready. The kids protested but relented to avoid the wrath of a grandmother.

Supper was delicious! The adults all stayed inside in the air conditioning. That was fine with me as I had all of the grandkids to myself at the table by the pool.  I love my grandkids. They’re my piece of heaven on this earth.

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