Friday, October 25, 2013

A Pretty Young Woman Bumped Her Head under President Obama's Desk

Now that the half truth title that implies a blatant lie has your attention, you should read on. You might be one of the persons that this article was written for. Ignorance is contagious.

In the final years of the 20th century two doctorate students at Stanford, by the names of Sergey and Larry, came up with an internet search engine that put all predecessors to shame. So effective is their search engine that it can sort through 391,000,000 possibilities in less than a minute and put the top ten, in order of relevance, on the computer screen in front of you.

All other search engines of the time were comparable to wading through a university library without benefit of the card catalog and Dewey’s decimals. The name, Google, that Larry and Sergey chose to call their search engine has become synonymous for the verbs search and find with respect to the internet. With a few taps on your computer mouse and keyboard, you can find the answer to any question that comes into your mind.

So, how is that we can find postings on Facebook that are, not only erroneous, but mindlessly “shared” as if they contained divine truths? Think of it now. At the touch of the very device with which these morons passed on this frivolous and blatantly incorrect information, they could have verified the authenticity in only a few seconds.

Stupidity is innate. However, ignorance is not born into us. It is a choice made by an individual neglect to one’s own learning at all levels of intelligence.

Some of the people sharing this trash are no surprise, if we know them, as they have never exhibited the desire to absorb information of their own initiative. Others are frightening because they appear, at least by the nature of their socio-economic status, to be intelligent people. Some of the examples of “shares” are simply mind boggling that the information isn’t suspect to even a stupid person.

Don’t eat instant noodles because they are coated with wax to keep them from sticking together. That wax can cause cancer. Now right away one has wonder why cancer hasn't wiped out the whole world population of honeybees. There are some reasons not to eat instant noodles but it has nothing to do with wax. If instant noodles require wax to keep them from sticking together, then wouldn't it also be so in other forms of pasta? The short answer, it just ain’t so.

Here’s a good one. American service men and women must serve 20 years to get the equivalent of half pay for their retirement. However, one can earn full retirement, in the U.S. Congress, by serving only one day. There is half truth there. Military service retirement is what this says it is. However, as lucrative as the retirement benefit is for our congress, who could believe that it is that good? Doubt it? Google it.

President Obama is not an American. He is a Kenyan. This is the really scary one because otherwise intelligent people actually believe this. President Obama was born in the United States of America. With that and his mother being a natural-born American citizen, he is an American citizen. He is not disqualified from American citizenship because his father was a Kenyan.

The real argument is regarding President Obama’s eligibility to be the president of the United States. His mixed heritage brings that into question but no one has had the good sense challenge that properly. The U.S Supreme Court set a precedent over 150 years ago to define citizenship eligibility for a presidential nominee. If that fact had been shared on Facebook with a half truth or lie thrown in it would have gone viral within days.

Maybe some goober should post this on Facebook. President Obama is a heterosexual lesbian with Republican tendencies. That would be certain to get around, represented as hard fact, in no time.

The sad part about this article is that it can’t be written in twenty words or less and put onto a colorful poster. If that was possible then it might get the attention of the ignorant people that really need to read it. Most everyone else who took the time to read this far will probably agree with most everything that is said in the article.

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