Sunday, August 25, 2013

Proof That You Can't Fix Stupid

The silver Lexus in front of me drifted to the right. The driver snapped it back to center. This repeated a couple of times. I doubled my following distance.

A stoplight halted us but, when the light turned green, the car did not move out immediately. A polite beep beep on my horn got the driver going. I moved to the right lane and gradually overtook the car.

Looking over as I passed, I saw the driver’s head down with a phone in one hand. Remembering her previous drift to the right, I accelerated ahead. Needing to make a left turn ahead, I moved back to the left lane.

Down the road I noticed the silver Lexus in my rear-view mirror while waiting for another red light. The driver’s head was tipped down as if her attention was on a phone again. On green, I pulled away from the stoplight and put distance between the Lexus and me.

I chuckled at the sight in my rear-view mirror. The Lexus had suffered damage across the entire front end. It looked as if the car had rear-ended another car. I had seen proof that you can’t fix stupid.

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